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FARNHAM Ceramics Materials

FARNHAM Ceramics Materials


Available to MA and BA CGJM, Glass and Ceramics students studying at Farnham & students from any other disciplines engaging in Ceramic workshops - for purchasing clay.  For staff purchases, please select the Staff options.

WETCLAYS  Price  Select
ES 10 (Extra Smooth) 12kg £18.50  ES 10
ES 20 (Smooth Textured) 12kg £25.09  ES 20
ES 40 (Handbuilding) 12kg £23.68  ES 40
ES 50 (Crank) based 12kg £15.40  ES 50
ES 65 (Terracotta Crank) 12kg £13.81  ES 65
PF 560 Professional White Stoneware (NEW) 12kg £17.04  PF 560
PF 580 (White Earthenware) 12kg £17.70  PF 580
PF 680 (Smooth Black) 12kg £24.59  PF 680
PF 700 (Porcelain White S/ware) 12kg £20.58  PF 700
PF 700G (Porcelain White S/ware)(grogged) 12kg £23.13  PF 700G
Stoneware Birch 12kg £9.96  Stoneware Birch
Standard White Earthenware 12kg (used for slip) £14.56 White Earthenware-WC
Standard Red Terracotta 12kg £9.90  Red Terracotta-WC
Royale Porcelain 12kg £24.31  Royale Porcelain
Sculpting/Pizza Body  ES 180  £15.02 per bag  ES 180
Stoneware Paperclay ES 200 Smooth (5Kg bags) £16 per bag  ES 200
Red Stoneware (limited stock) £23.61 per bag PF690
MJ Originale 17.57 MJ Originale
Ashraf Hanna 24.11 Ashraf Hanna
Gelb 18.77 Gelb
Stoneware Special Fleck 10.61 Stoneware Spec Fleck
PF 570 White Stoneware Grogged 17.36 PF570
Casting Slip - Standard Red Terracotta 5 litres £12.96 Red Terracotta-CS
Casting Slip - B17C Stoneware 5 litres £15.96 B17C
Casting Slip - P2 Porcelain 5 litres £25.46 P2
Casting Slip - Special Porcelain 5 litres £31.22 Special Porcelain
Standard White Earthenware - Blunger house casting slip 1 litre  £2.50 per litre White Earthenware-CS
Pottery Tool Kit (kidney palette, ribbon tool, loop tool, rib, clay cutter, boxwood shaper, potter's needle and sponge) £8.92  Tool Kit

Please ensure you choose and pay for the correct item. Check the campus, course and destination BEFORE making payment.
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ES 10
ES 20
ES 40
ES 50
ES 65
PF 560
PF 580
PF 680
PF 700
PF 700G
Stoneware Birch
White Earthenware-WC
Red Terracotta-WC
Royale Porcelain
ES 180
ES 200
MJ Originale
Ashraf Hanna
Stoneware Spec Fleck
PF 570
Red Terracotta-CS
Special Porcelain
White Earthenware-CS
Tool Kit