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2023/24 CANTERBURY Staff Parking Permit

2023/24 CANTERBURY Staff Parking Permit


Select 'New 2023/24 Permit' when applying for a new permit for this year. You can add the details of up to 2 vehicles as part of the registration process.

Select 'Replacement Permit' only if you have already purchased a new permit for the year, but have changed your vehicle since you made the payment.

In order to apply for a Staff vehicle parking permit, you must complete the registration process online: There is a £10 annual fee payable for permits. The fee is non-refundable and is fixed at £10, regardless of whether the permit is provided at the beginning of the academic year or any time thereafter up to and including the last day of the academic year. Registered Blue Badge holders are exempt from paying the £10 fee and should contact [email protected] for further details on permit application.

Guidelines for Vehicle Parking Permits

In the interest of Estates Management and Safety, the following rules govern the parking of vehicles at University for the Creative Arts at Canterbury.

·       University management is not obliged to provide parking facilities for staff or students and limited car parking spaces are available. The issuing of parking permits is in accordance with the University Car Parking Permit Policy (below). Parking is for permit holders only and is available on a first come first served basis. When all spaces are occupied it is the individual's responsibility to find alternative parking off campus.

·       All vehicles must be parked in the appropriate car park. University safety regulations require that all roads within the University boundary must be kept clear for unrestricted use by emergency vehicles and parking in such areas is strictly forbidden.

·       Vehicle parking outside designated areas is strictly forbidden. Double parking is not allowed. Designated reserved parking is to be respected.

·       Vehicles should be parked precisely within the lines designating each parking bay so that the best use can be made of the limited space available. Where there are no lines, vehicles should be parked sensibly. Vehicles parked behind F block should be parked with the rear of the vehicle away from the building to avoid fumes being released into windows and doors.

·       Non-compliance with the car parking conditions can result in withdrawal of the permit and disabling of such member of staff’s access through the car park barrier.

·       Parking is entirely at the owner's risk and University management will not accept any responsibility for inconvenience or damage to vehicles however incurred.

·       Vehicles using the car park must have a valid road user’s license, be insured and (if applicable) have a valid MOT certificate.

·       On completion of the parking application and receipt of a confirmation email, staff ID card will be programmed to have access to operate the car park barriers. Loss of ID card should be reported to the HR department and Receptionist. Change of vehicle or registration number must be notified via the online system.

·       Car parks are for daily commuter parking. Vehicles are not to be left on car parks overnight without written permission from the Estates & Facilities Management Department. Abandoned vehicles will be disposed of.

·       A speed limit of 5 mph is in force in all areas of the University and tailgating at the barriers is forbidden.


University Car Parking Permit Policy - Canterbury

·       Parking permits will be valid for a maximum of 1 year: Staff will receive an email notification when the new application process opens online (usually in August each year).

·       Upon completion of an online application by each staff, their ID card will be programmed to enable them to operate the car park barrier and access the car park. Staff who are registered disabled or have a medical condition which affects their mobility, and which necessitates vehicle access to the University, should notify Human Resources.

·       Car park barriers are installed with SALTO card access controls and staff are to swipe their ID cards on the card reader on the right side of each barrier to activate them.

·       Vehicle parking outside designated areas or on grass is forbidden. The University takes safety of pedestrians and other car park users seriously and any parking that creates hazards will be dealt with under the University’s Disciplinary Policy and Procedure.


New 2023/24 Permit
Replacement Permit